Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Me and my surgeon - Laser Sweat Ablation in the Daily Mail

This morning an article appeared on our Laser Sweat Ablation procedure in The Daily Mail under the "Me and my surgeon" section.

You can click on the picture on the left to read it in full.


  1. Rionne Lamberth21 May 2009 at 15:30

    I was the first female in the UK to undergo this surgery, I had this carried out on the 15th April and at this stage over 5 weeks later my armpits look horrible and I am still in pain, my own personal opinion, I would not advise anyone to have this carried out, my armpits are scared, which I am not able to wear anything unless it has sleeves to hide my armpits, I can not straighten my arms, my armpits are very lumpy, and as any woman would feel I am horrified.

  2. Thank you Rioanne for your comments - and I respect the fact that you are happy to break your anonymity to put your story forwards.

    Now you have put it in the public domain, it will be easier for anyone who is interested in this story to understand my angst and changes that I made to the LSA procedure as outlined in my blog of 18th May - and the improved results we have already seen (blog 20th May).

    If you would give your permission to publish your photos, and would let me take new ones now it has healed, we will be able to have a transparent discussion as to the evloution of this new treatment and will be able to compare your own experience with those of people having my modified procedure.

    In addition, it will be essential for us to get your photos and - more importantly - your sweat test at 3 months, to see if the procedure has worked or not in you.

  3. Rionne Lamberth22 May 2009 at 15:56

    What I find amazing is that you are showing photo's of your third patient 48 hours after surgery, when I had the procedure carried out it was 5 days after the surgery before I was seen, it is good to see you have changed the way you now treat your patience. We all would like to see what her armpits look like 2 weeks after surgery.

  4. Hi Rionne,

    I wouldn't be amazed if I were you - it wasn't planned - she came in as one of her relatives had an appointment locally and so she thought she would pop in to show us.... It wasn't planned at all!!

    The planned 1 week appointment will be next week - I will post photos as you are interested.

    I will also post subsequent photos, comments from the patient and also the results of the sweating as we obtain them. So far she says her arm-pits are dry but we need everything to settle down to make sure it has worked - and to what level her sweating has been reduced.

    It does look like our modificaions have improved the procedure - but I am sure there will be many more improvements to come as time goes on.

    Using our experience of introducing a new procedure for veins in March 1999, we have continued to improve and perfect our techiques for vein surgery over the last decade - hence the excellent results we are now obtaining from that procedure and hence our reputation for that.

    It is not concievable that the same level of improvements won;t happen with this procedure also.


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