Friday, 7 August 2009

New information about Liposonix - Ultrasound Fat Removal

We introduced Liposonix fat removal to our clinic last week and have just had our first two patients come back for their one week follow-up.

Both of them said the treatment itself was mildly uncomfortable - but not anywhere near as bad as any surgery. Both were able to go back to work the next day and - using our perioperative process to reduce pain and bruising - both stopped wearing the compression after a few days.

Both have a few small bruises only on the lower abdomen.

Both patients also said the treated area feels softer, as there is "fluid" under the skin. They are both also passing more urine than usual - presumably the effect of passing the broken down fat out of the body. This is called an "osmotic diuresis".

Using some sophisticated measuring devices at Absolute Aesthetics and The Whiteley Clinic, we have also found out some very useful information showing how effective the Liposonix treatment is. We will keep collecting our figures from our patients and so we will be able to publish our success rates and also some of the science related to getting good results.

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