Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Embarrassing Bodies - TV

Well it has been so very busy that we have fallen behind with keeping up with this blog.

Today we filmed a case of Laser Sweat Ablation (LSA) the treatment for under-arm sweating that was brought into the UK by Mark Whiteley in March 2009, for the TV show "Embarrassing Bodies".

The case went very well and the patient left very happy.

Hopefully the film will reach the TV screens in the not to distant future.


  1. I notice that is little mention on any of your websites, blogs, twitters etc about the skin necrosis caused from one of your laser ablation procedures?
    I think you should learn to be honest and comment on all your results not just the good ones with the good reviews.
    Maybe the payout will make you think twice!

  2. Hi there "Anonymous",

    Thank you for your comment.

    However ……. you haven't looked very hard at the blog!!!! There are several references throughout the history of this blog about the skin breakdown that happened in the early days of the LSA in some patients.

    In addition I have always presented our few complications at meetings and have always warned patients about the risks.

    Every patient has skin breakdown written in their consent form.

    It is also very clearly written in the Laser Sweat Ablation website - for your reference:

    Fortunately we have seen fewer and fewer of these as we have modified the operation and made it more effective and safer.

    No new operation is ever completely worked out before patients have it - or else it wouldn't be new!!!!!

    Although most of our patients have given permission for their results to be used so we can show patients both the advantages and the few risks of the LSA, just one has refused - our second patient. This means that it is the patient who is preventing us from showing one of the complications – not me hiding it!!!

    On 14th July our Laser Sweat Ablation research fellow is starting and she, along with me and our other research fellow, will be writing up our current experience, our successes and failures, and the lessons we have learned in making this procedure better and better since it was introduced.

    This is the scientific process of all good medical developments!!

    Our first two patients


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