Friday, 5 November 2010

New website on Venous Eczema

We are delighted to launch the new Venous Eczema website:

Venous Eczema is one of a host of under diagnosed conditions related to varicose veins and venous reflux (hidden varicose veins).

Many people have red or brown stains on their legs due to venous eczema. Unfortunately as the underlying venous reflux is often hidden away (hidden varicose veins) GP's and nurses often just give steroid creams or other creams to try to make it feel better.

Although this stops any itching for a while, it doesn't take away the underlying cause - that of the venous reflux (or hidden varicose veins) - meaning it continues to worsen and head towards leg ulceration.

This website explains the problem - gives example pictures - and shows the right treatment that can cure the problem:

venous duplex ultrasound and the correct surgery as recommended by The Whiteley ProtocolTM.

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