Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Times - Magazine Article

Mark Whiteley was quoted in The Times Magazine today - 15th Jan 2010.

In an article by Sarah Vine called "Purple vein, purple veins" (page 51, The Times Magazine) Mark Whiteley explained the difference between "Thread Veins" of the face - and those of the legs which need far more in-depth understanding to treat successfully.

Thread veins on the face can be very successfully treated by several methods, available at Absolute Aesthetics (

Leg thread veins however need a specialist Duplex Ultrasound Scan to find out what the underlying cause is and to make sure the correct treatment is planned - which is often to hidden varicose veins deep inside the leg and unseen under the leg thread veins. The Whiteley Clinic in Harley Street and Guildford specialises in these scans and treaments (

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