Thursday, 28 April 2011

Whiteley Clinic research fellow presents at National meeting

George Badham, one of the Whiteley Clinic Summer Research Fellows from 2010, presented his research today at a National meeting in London.

His research was looking at how to optimise our treatment of Varicose Veins using the new RFiTT device from Celon and Olympus.

This device, that has been used for varicose vein surgery in Europe for some years, has only had success rates of about 90% - which is not good enough for The Whiteley Clinic. It has also associated with difficulty in treating due to the device sticking.

George Badham's research was to look into Mark Whiteley's Theory that the device was fine, but the technique that was being used was wrong.

Using a bench top model, George Badham showed not only that the current technique is flawed but if The Whiteley Clinic method of using RFiTT is used, all of the problems are overcome.

This work has been submitted for publication now - the reference for today's presentation:

Annual Spring Meeting of the Venous Forum of The Royal Society of Medicine – London, April 2011

An in Vitro Study to Optimise the Treatment of Varicose Veins with RFiTT
GE Badham, SM Strong, MS Whiteley

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