Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Dr Luke Matar from Perth, Australia completes endovenous training at The Whiteley Clinic

Dr Luke Matar completed his Endovenous Training at The Whiteley Clinic this week.

Pictured above with Mr Barrie Price (left) and Mr Mark Whiteley (right) Dr Luke Matar is an interventional radiologist with an interest in treating varicose veins. He practices in Perth, Australia.

During his training, Luke underwent lectures into the new understanding of venous physiology as well as the new concepts of venous treatments.

He observed, then assisted and finally performed EVLA (endovenous laser), RFiTT (radiofrequency), phlebectomy, and foam sclerotherapy.

As with all of the doctors and nurses that train at The Whiteley Clinic through The Clinical Exchange courses, Luke will have open access to our expertise in the future by e-mail and web link - and will be a member of the new College of Phlebology to be launched soon.

For more information about courses see:

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