Monday, 23 January 2012

Venous Eczema cured with EVLA

I have just seen a 76 year old lady who came to see me in July last year with red itchy ankles and a little ankle swelling.

She had been to her GP who had been treating her with steroid cream and support stockings.

Although the steroid cream made the legs itch less, and the support stocking made the legs feel better when they were being worn, the red marks slowly worsened and spread.

The patient saw and thought she might have varicose eczema (or venous eczema).

She came to The Whiteley Clinic and had a duplex ultrasound scan in July 2011.

This scan showed her problem was indeed due to hidden varicose veins (or "Venous incompetence") which couldn't be seen on the surface.

In early December 2011 she had EVLA (Endovenous Laser Ablation) of the hidden varicose veins.

Today - 6 weeks after the treatment - the legs are back to normal.

There is no swelling at the ankles, the skin is normal colour with no itching. She has not used steroid cream nor support stockings since.

We see such cures regularly. When people have ankle discolouration, swelling or itching, they should have a duplex scan in a specialist clinic to check for curable hidden varicose veins before being consigned to a lifetime of steroid creams and support stockings that will help the symptoms but not cure the problem.

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