Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Leg ulcer recurring over 19 years curable by Whiteley Protocol

Leg ulcer recurred over 19 years due to inadequate assessment.
Found to be completely curable under local anaesthetic by The Whiteley Protocol
This 58 year old lady came to The Whiteley Clinic. She had developed a right leg ulcer in 1993 and ever since then, the leg ulcer has kept recurring despite all treatment.

Her local surgeons had "operated" on her varicose veins on 2 different occasions and had told her that nothing more could be done for her surgically.

She has spent the last 19 years in tight compression bandages which slowly allow the ulcer to "heal" - only to recur shortly after the bandages are removed.

Desperate to be cured, she even went privately to a local "expert" surgeon who told her that the best thing to do was to give up work and stay at home with her leg up!

Her son heard about the high success rate of curing venous leg ulcers at The Whiteley Clinic and suggested she come to our Whiteley Clinic in London for assessment.

Her tests, performed by the Specialists at The Whiteley Clinic, showed that the previous 2 operations had completely missed the relevant vein - so in efffect she had never had any surgical treatment at all!

She is easily curable under local anaesthetic using The Whiteley Protocol -  in her case a combination of radial firing EVLA (endovenous laser), TRLOP (closure of perforators) phlebectomies and Foam scerotherapy.

Had she been referred to, and fully investigated by, a vein specialist earlier - rather than her doctors and nurses just assuming that the previous surgery had been successful in dealing with the underlying veins - then she wouldn't have had to suffer so much pain and inconvenience over the last 19 years.

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