Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Recurrent varicose veins - pelvic venous reflux is ignored by most

Alice Whiteley is one of two Whiteley Clinic Summer Research Fellows who have had their research selected for presentation at The Medical Acorn Foundation (National Medical Student Research Conference) in Leicester on 13th October 2012.

Alice Whiteley - The Whiteley Clinic Summer Research Fellow 2012
Presenting her research into the cause of recurrent varicose veins operated on elsewhere 
Alice spent her summer analysing the results from patients seeking help from The Whiteley Clinic having had varicose vein surgery elsewhere and then getting recurrent varicose veins.

She identified the causes of their recurrent varicose veins, and found that pelvic venous reflux is one of the major causes, a problem that has previously been ignored.

Alice's research presents powerful evidence for why the pelvic veins need to be scanned and, if refluxing, treated, to reduce the risks of recurrent varicose veins in the future.

Her work has been submitted for an American meeting next year and will be submittied for UK vein meetings next year, before submitting for publication.

Left varicose veins caused by Pelvic vein reflux
seen as para-vulvar veins on examination

Right varicose veins caused by Pelvic vein reflux
seen as para-vulvar-veins on examination

Pelvic and para-vulal varicose veins:
Medical Acorn Conference:


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