Monday, 29 October 2012

"Superglue" for varicose veins looking good at 3 months

Last week we had 7 patients back for review and scanning having had the Venseal "Superglue" treatment of their varicose veins 3 months ago.

The full results will be published as part of a larger multicentre study.

However all of the patients were very happy with the treatment - and the results looked great on scan.

Although it is early days with this new technology, the results are looking very good and with our experience of what scans look like, we suspect that the long term results will also be just as good.

Therefore we are finding the Venaseal "Superglue" treatment of varicose veins to be a very promising addition to the new minimally invasive, local anaesthetic, endovenous treatments of varicose veins.

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