Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Leg ulcer report in Daily Mail misses point

Today a report in The Daily Mail (link below) reported on new research showing that a "mesh" of skin cells can help to cure leg ulcers.

Although this, and anything else that helps leg ulcers, is of great value, the article missed the most important point about curing leg ulcers:

- If you find out the underlying cause and cure that, then the leg ulcers will heal by themselves in the majority of patients.

Most leg ulcers in the UK are caused by venous reflux ("hidden varicose veins"). If everyone who had a leg ulcer has a duplex ultrasound scan, and then those with venous problems were fixed, and the few with arterial problems were also fixed, then the majority of leg ulcers would heal without needing such new techniques.

This new technique is only needed for those ulcers that we can't heal  ....  The problem that should be shouted about in the national media isn't the need for a new product, but WHY AREN'T PEOPLE WITH LEG ULCERS BEING INVESTIGATED FOR VENOUS DISEASE AND OFFERED CURATIVE SURGERY?

For more information see:

Daily Mail Article:

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