Monday, 11 March 2013

Leg ulcer article in The Huffington Post

Mark Whiteley has written an article on the treatment of leg ulcers that appeared today in The Huffington Post.

Using The Whiteley Protocol(TM) Mark and his team have cured 85% of all leg ulcers that have come to The Whiteley Clinic over the last 12 years - and the majority of these had been told that they were incurable.

Mark shows that patients with leg ulcers in the UK and USA are treated by bandaging and dressing alone. At the Whiteley Clinic, specialised duplex ultrasound tests find out the underlying cause of the ulcer - usually the veins - which are then fixed using the latest pin-hole laser surgery under local anaesthetic.

Although it sounds expensive, it actually works out cheaper than continued dressings for years on end - never mind the improved quality of life for the patient and their relatives.

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