Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Job opportunity - Entrepreneur wanted to grow online company

There is a great opportunity for a motivated person to head up our on-line College of Phlebology.

No knowledge of veins is needed - we have all the experts on tap that you will need!

Entrepreneur needed to grow, and be part of, The College of Phlebology

Over the last decade, vein surgery has changed from being in hospitals under general anaesthetic to being a local anaesthetic walk-in, walk-out procedure. Using new techniques such as endovenous laser ablation (EVLA), radiofrequency ablation (RFA), foam sclerotherapy, glue and Clarivein (MOCA), there has been an explosion of vein clinics and vein doctors around the world.

Centred in the world famous Whiteley Clinic in Guildford, the College of Phlebology is an internet portal about veins with a public facing and professional facing role.

We are looking for a motivated person with huge enthusiasm to co-ordinate with Prof Mark Whiteley, his team, the researchers and other associated vein experts around the world as well as with companies involved in venous equipment, to grow this exciting project.

It is envisaged that the successful candidate will start as business manager and, as the company rows under their care, to take the CEO role.

This is a great opportunity for someone at the start of their business career to hit the ground running and grow a company which has already been established. It might also suit a more experienced person who has had previous success and now wants a new challenge.

We do not want advisors please - only someone dedicated to make it happen themselves!

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