Thursday, 19 December 2013

TV Filiming a new treatment technique for treating varicose veins at The Whiteley Clinic

This afternoon, The Whiteley Clinic was involved in filming for a new TV show, treating complex varicose veins.

Filming with Maverick TV at The Whiteley Clinic
Foam Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins using our new technique

In the filming today, Prof Mark Whiteley, Charmaine Harrison (Vascular Technologist) and Carrie Wheeler (Sister) performed a new technique for Foam Sclerotherapy of the leg and pelvic veins, developed by The Whiteley Clinic summer research fellows in summer 2013.

This technique will be presented at The American Venous Forum in New Orleans in February 2014 for the rest of the world to see it - but it is already available to all Whiteley Clinic patients.


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