Thursday, 22 May 2014

EVLT in Bristol - Whiteley Clinic starts local anaesthetic laser for Varicose Veins in Bristol

This morning (22nd May 2014) Prof Mark Whiteley is performing the first Bristol Whiteley Clinic case of EVLT.

Using Angiodynamics "Gold Tip" Never Touch Direct fibres, Professor Whiteley and his team are treating 2 patients with varicose veins under local anaesthetic.

This laser surgery is called "ambulatory surgery" as patients walk in, have their veins treated under local anaesthetic with keyhole surgery, and then walk out again.

The Whiteley Clinic in Bristol - First EVLT today :-)
After EVLT surgery under local anaesthetic, patients are usually back to driving and back to work the day after the surgery. Traditional surgery usually takes 2 weeks to recover from!

You can book your treatment at The Whiteley Clinic in Bristol, Guildford or London via

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