Monday, 16 June 2014

Patients with Leg Ulcers and their Carers needed for Leg Ulcer research project - The Leg Ulcer Charity

The Leg Ulcer charity is performing a research study, asking patients with leg ulcers or those who care for them, to answer an online questionnaire. For this study, we are not including paid health care professionals - just friends, family or volunteers who provide care to patients with leg ulcers without being paid to do so.

Patients with leg ulcers and their carers needed for Leg Ulcer Charity research
Patients with Leg Ulcers and their carers needed to help with Leg Ulcer Research
If you are someone who:

- has a leg ulcer
- cares for someone with a leg ulcer without being paid for it

then please follow this link and answer the online questionnaire.

If you know someone who:

- has a leg ulcer
- cares for someone with a leg ulcer without being paid for it

then please send them this link and ask them to answer the online questionnaire.

The Leg Ulcer Charity is a UK based charity which aims to help patients find a permanent cure for their leg ulcers. Over 60% of people with leg ulcers could be cured, if only patients were given the chance to have a duplex ultrasound scan and local anaesthetic laser vein surgery. Support stockings or bandages do not cure leg ulcers - they only provide temporary healing before the ulcers return again in the future.

For more information about Leg Ulcers and how to find a cure, please see:

We need donations to be able to achieve our aim - to stop needless suffering in those patients with leg ulcers who might be curable with simple tests and local anaesthetic treatments. Please forward our website to everyone you know - why not make The Leg Ulcer Charity your charity of choice next time you are involved in any fund-raising?

For more information:

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