Tuesday, 29 July 2014

CHIVA and Haemodynamic Surgery - Excellent new book from Roberto Delfrate

Many venous surgeons in the Northern Hemisphere are unaware of CHIVA and the haemodynamic approach to the treatment of varicose veins.

This book is a magnificent introduction to CHIVA and the haemodynamic approach to venous reflux surgery.

Even for those who do not aim to practice CHIVA should be aware of the techniques and the possibility of another approach to the treatment of varicose veins.


"This book on haemodynamic surgery by Roberto Delfrate is a masterpiece.
The author manages to convey complex haemodynamic principles and their correction by CHIVA principles using simple line diagrams and explanations, enabling anyone from novice to experienced haemodynamic surgeon to gain a powerful insight into this fascinating approach to varicose veins
and venous reflux disease."

Prof. Mark Whiteley MS FRCS (Gen)Consultant Surgeon, The Whiteley Clinic
Visiting Professor, University of Surrey
United Kingdom

"Roberto Delfrate's goal is to allow everybody to take advantage of what he has learnt so far through a clearly presented teaching book aimed at doctors interested in phlebology and willing to master the secrets of venous haemodynamics, keypoint of phlebological diagnostics and therapy."

Prof. Claude Franceschi
Consultant in vascular pathology, complex venous insufficiency and vascular malformations
Saint Joseph Hospital, Paris

Medical Consultant
Private Clinic - Figlie di San Camillo, Cremona - Italy
Director of the diplôme d'Ecodoppler vasculaire
Groupe hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière
University of Paris VII, Paris

"This manual written by Dr. Roberto Delfrate is recommended to phlebologists, angiologists, vascular surgeons, and especially to vascular surgery residents.
In Vascular Surgery training, knowledge of haemodynamics is a basic requisite for the education of residents.
This knowledge is the basis of a full understanding of the clinical manifestations of both arterial and venous diseases.
In many aspects the venous system is far more complicated than the arterial system due to its anatomical network complexity, the existence of the muscle pumps that allow for the return of blood to the heart against forces of gravity and the presence of competent or incompetent valves in the vessels."

Prof. Livio Gabrielli Università degli Studi di Milano
Director of the Residency Training Program in Vascular Surgery
University of Milan

“This handbook offers a new approach to vascular surgery, which is based on a haemodynamic, conservative and mini-invasive perspective to treat clinic evidence of arterial and venous pathologies.
It describes the evolution from classic phlebology to the systematic and aware use of Echo Color Doppler and haemodynamics.
The development of the Chiva strategy, coupled with ultrasonographic innovation, has enabled the Private Clinic Figlie di San Camillo in Cremona to offer better therapies for venous insufficiency with acknowledged and long-term satisfaction of its patients.
Over these last seven years of Doctor Delfrate’s work at our clinic, more than 2,700 Chiva surgical procedures have been carried out, with a steady yearly increase in demand, as evidenced by the long waiting list.”

Sister Filomena Carbonetti
Administrative Director of the Clinic
Figlie di San Camillo of Cremona - Italy

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