Thursday, 21 May 2009

Celebrity varicose vein diary - Eve Cameron in SHE magazine

The beautiful Eve Cameron (beauty editor and author) has written up her experiences of having her varicose veins treated at The Whiteley Clinic in this month's SHE Magazine - June 2009.

In the article - "Vein Hopes" on page 101 and 102 - Eve explains what made her decide to come to The Whiteley Clinic for her vein surgery.
She then goes on to describe the process that she went through - using EVLA (Endo Venous Laser Ablation), TRLOP (TRans Luminal Occlusion of Perforators - invented at The Whiteley Clinic), phlebectomies (removal of the surface veins) and finally sclerotherapy injections under ultrasound guidance.
Eve has published her own before and after photos as part of the article - showing the improvement that she obtained.
In the article, Eve Cameron does point out all of the things that are usually left out - the bits she didn't like and the cost!!!
However, the article is well worth the read as an unbiased diary of someone who has gone through The Whiteley Clinic protocol and seen our results for themselves.

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