Wednesday, 20 May 2009

LSA - Laser Sweat Ablation - Early success of our improvements to technique

I have just seen the third laser sweat ablation patient treated here at The Whiteley Clinic.

Despite being only 48 hours after her procedure (picture on left 48 hours after surgery), she has minimal bruising, no pain and almost completely normal movement.

The changes in our technique as outlined in the previous post have made a huge difference to the post-operative recovery.

There is no sweating from either arm-pit - but of course this is still very early to be sure that the sweating has gone for good.

The most important finding now is the modification away from the procedure as taught has resulted in a completely different recovery - with almost no pain and bruising at all.

We will be repeating the sweat test in 6 weeks to check exactly how much the sweating has reduced by.


  1. Clearly this photo is taken straight after the laser, I am sure everyone who is thinking of having this carried out would be interested in seeing the photo's taken 2 weeks after the laser and then again at 3 and 4 weeks, it would be interesting to see just how much scaring this could cause. We all look forward to seeing more of your photo's.

  2. Thank you Anonymous - however as written in the text, this photo is taken 48 hours after the laser - NOT straight after.

    If you read the blog, you will see that I wasn't happy with the first two cases that certainly did not look like this - however, having listened to our first two patients, contacted the company who makes the laser and Dr Blugerman who popularised this in Argentina - and then put all of this information together with our results and our scientific knowledge, we made the changes to the procedure as outlined in the previous blog entry.

    I posted the picture (with the patient's permission) because the changes had resulted in substantially less bruising, skin damage, pain etc.

    As with all new procedures, the aim with LSA is to continue improving them to give our patients the best possible results as soon as possible.


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