Saturday, 16 January 2010

Filming with Journalist - Eve Cameron

Today I have been filming some information videos with the lovely Journalist, Eve Cameron.

With the new techniques that we have pioneered for Varicose Veins surgery, there has been increasing interest in local anaesthetic "Walk in, walk out" vein surgery.

Over the last decade, The Whiteley Clinic not only introduced keyhole surgery for Varicose Veins into the UK, but has kept at the cutting edge of technological developments in veins surgery.

Indeed, we are currently using a brand new radiofrequency catheter to treat varicose veins through pin-hole incisions under local anaesthetic, but with far less bruising and pain than EVLA (laser closure). In addition, we are also looking at a new laser for EVLA which might well reduce bruising as well ....

Things are advancing so fast in the world of vein surgery that it is essential to keep the pressure up on the research and development as we have always done at The Whiteley Clinic.

However it can be very confusing for the general public to know what they should accept and what they shouldn't - for instance Stripping has shown to be a very bad option for vein treatments - but most people in the UK are still offered it!!!!

The filming that we are doing today is part of a project that aims to make these new, and often confusing, medical facts and advances more accessible to the public and to people who need the knowledge to decide what treatment they should actually have.

Eve Cameron is such a professional Journalist and interviewer that she made sure the questions brought out the facts that should be most useful to people with vein problems.

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