Friday, 22 January 2010

Sponsorhip of Guildford Rugby

This is the last post for 2 weeks as I am about to embark on our charity ride through India -

However, before we leave this weekend, we will be out in force at Guildford and Godalming rugby club, supporting Guildford against London South Africa.
This week sees the the introduction of the new Guildford Rugby Club shirt - with The Whiteley Clinic logo on each arm.
We hope to see our team running in another victory - keeping up our very good showing this year.
Our main sponsorship deal was announced last year (link at bottom of this article) - and we have also just agreed to sponsor the youth rugby events coming up in February and March.
This is an area very dear to our hearts - helping promote not just rugby but sport and physical activity to the next generation.


  1. Dear Sir,

    Just a quick question.
    I am a registered nurse and i am looking at getting my worsening varicose veins treated.
    What i dont quite understand is what is the best wavelength for treatment?
    IS there a difference between 1320, 810 1064 and which do you advise and why?

    MAny thanks

  2. Hi there,

    Current there is very little difference between the wavelength. We have been doing some research into which causes less bruising, but there are also issues of how the energy is delivered - ie: out of the end of the fibre or out of the sides, continuous energy or pulsed energy etc.

    However, we have also been perecting a radiofrequency technique called RFiTT and have so far found that in patients who are suitable and have RFiTT using our new settings, are getting almost no pai or brusing at all - much better than the Laser techniques.

    However, in addition, it is important to know that with any of these techniques, it is not just the technique (wavelength etc) but also how it is used. Not all clinics are using the optimal settings - at The Whiteley Clinic we have had many patients come to see us who have had these new techniques performed sub-optimally and we have has to redo the treatments for the patients to get them the resultds that they should get.

    Mark Whiteley

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