Saturday, 30 October 2010

Hand veins - Endovenous laser closure of hand veins

Prominent hand veins have always posed a problem for venous surgeons. Many patients ask for treatment for prominent hand veins - but until recently, very little has shown to be effective or cosmetic.

A recent advance in removing these hand veins has been "endovenous laser ablation of hand veins".

This afternoon, two cases were performed by Mark Whiteley at Absolute Aesthetics ( the aesthetics division of The Whiteley Clinic.

Using only local anaesthetic, the whole procedure took about 30-45 mins. The patients came in an hour before the surgery for marking and anaesthetic cream to the skin.

The procedure itself was performed in a walk-in walk-out local anaesthetic theatre - with pinholes only where the laser fibre was inserted into the veins.

Both patients were discharged home without any complication wearing compression gloves which they were instructed to wear for one week.

The advent of endovenous ablation of unwanted hand veins is a major step forward in hand rejuvenation. When used in combination with our other techniques such as hyaluronic acid filler for bony hands and IPL or skin preparation creams for sun damage, hand rejuvenation should now become much closer to the ideal that patients want.

Endovenous laser ablation of hand veins under local anaesthetic is now available at Absolute Aesthetics as part of a hand rejuvenation package.

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