Thursday, 7 October 2010

Tetren - Game by Andrew and Mark Whiteley and friends from 1992

Andrew Whiteley, Mark Whiteley's brother, wrote a computer game in 1992 called Tetren. Andrew did all of the programming, Mark Whiteley drew and animated all of the graphics and Mike Kingham composed the music.

Many hundreds of people played the game via shareware and contacted us to say how much they loved it.

As it was written for the Amiga 500 computer, it has not been available to run on modern computers for many years. However, with a new emulation program, Tetren can now be played on normal modern computers!!!

If you would like to play - click on the two links below and save them to your desk top. One is a zip file which contains all of the files that you will need - the other is a set of instructions on how to get Tetren working.

We all hope that you have as much fun as we had so many years ago.

Click here to download Tetren and Program to run it

Click here to download instructions on how to run and play Tetren

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