Thursday, 16 December 2010

Testimonial for Mark Whiteley's veins courses

Mark Whiteley runs regular vein courses at The Cllinical Exchange - from thread veins to EVLA, Radiofrequency Closure, Foam Sclerotherapy, perforator vein surgery (TRLOP), ambulatory phlebectomies etc.

All courses are supported by full discussion of the latest relevant research and development in the world of veins.

Last week, one of our delegates flew in from Croatia for a course - and has just sent this by e-mail:

"Coming to your course was a wonderful experience for me. What I really needed were all those tricks and tips that you generously provided to us. I was feeling very comfortable at your clinic, and all the staff was eager to show us what we were interested in.

Dr Whiteley, you've opened my horizons and now I am reorganizing my future plans. Anyone who will ever work with me in the field of veins, will be sent to you for proper education. I am looking forward your phlebology institute because many of us will benefit from it.

Take care of your health ( coffee!!!!), to be able to help many of us, patients and doctors.

Good luck to you and your team."

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