Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Clinical Exchange - A place to teach local anasethetic interventions, surgery and laser procedures

The Clinical Exchange is an ideal facility to show off new aesthetic and surgical instruments and techniques - including lasers, injections and local anaesthetic techniques.

Located in a CQC registered medical facility (The Whiteley Clinic) The Clinical Exchange can seat up to 48 with a live link to the local anaestheic operating theatre (laser approved), a clinical treatment room (laser approved) and the diagnostic and therapeutic duplex ultrasound room - all in the same building and easily accessible to all delegates.

Each room can have 2 HD remote cameras to show every part of the procedure being demonstrated or taught. A 2 way audio link allows delegates to question the demonstrating clinician throughout the treatment.

For those who want to demonstrate their techniques or products widely, The Clinical Exchange also allows live procedures and techniques to be broadcast via the Internet or other data transfer techniques to remote locations.

Finally, the The Clinical Exchange can also make DVD's and YouTube videos to help promote techniques, equipment or practices.

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