Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Minimally invasive vein treatment course - Opinion received today

"I would like to thank you for the great course that we had with you. We have learned a lot about all minimally invasive venous procedures (from A to Z) including endovenous ablation (laser/ RF), phlebectomies, microsclerotherapy and foam sclerotherapy. I would like to inform you that in the last 5 months (since we had the course) our skills in all venous procedures were dramatically improved and our patients were very satisfied with the results.

We learned not only techniques but also exact indications for each procedure for different patients significantly.

After following your strategies, we were able to boost our practice and attract more patients in the last few months. I strongly recommend this course for every person involved or just started or willing to learn about venous diseases and chronic venous insufficiency.

Thank you again Mr. Whiteley and all your colleagues and staff for all what you did for us and looking forward for future visits."

For more information about The Whiteley Clinic minimally invasive vein courses run through The Clinical Exchange, please see under "courses".

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