Saturday, 29 October 2011

Experience of varicose veins treatment at The Whiteley Clinic, London Clinic

Comment on Whiteley Clinic treatment by Mr AC - 34 Years old male:

"The central London pre-treatment consultation and scan was very efficient and convenient. I was reassured by the clear explanation of the proposed treatment method and why it achieves better outcomes than the commonly used vein stripping procedure.

The treatment day was as efficient - literally a walk in and walk out service. I couldn't believe that, after the operation, I could just walk to the station and catch the tube home without a shred of discomfort. The clinic was very comfortable and the care very considerate.

The operation itself was quick, without any pain, and I was very well looked after by an excellent consultant anaesthetist and other medical staff. I didn't require any pain killers at all after the procedure, and had no discomfort.

I am absolutely amazed at the results - the varicose veins have completely disappeared, but for me, more importantly, the pain has completely gone. I can stand for hours with no pain, and the days of long dull aches have gone. Thanks for fixing me up!

With best wishes to you and many thanks - a special thanks too to the vascular technologist - I had a scan previously (when booked in with the NHS to have the vein stripped...) and it was really uncomfortable; your guy was superb."

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