Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dr Kahina Betroune joins The Whiteley Clinic

We are delighted to welcome Dr Kahina Betroune, Phlebologist, to the vein specialists at The Whiteley Clinic.

"Kahina is a French Phlebologist who qualified in Paris from the University Paris Descartes. She gained experience in several hospitals and private practices throughout France and worked alongside pioneers in Phlebology and Vascular Medicine.

She joined The Whiteley Clinic, a forward-looking research based clinic, in July 2011 to train in and adopt the most up to date techniques of the Whiteley Protocol. Her broad specialist experience including both diagnostic and treatment provides additional perspectives which complement the clinic’s ethos.

Kahina has experience in teaching and has lectured at several congresses with her research published in international journals.

Being fluent in both Arabic and French, Kahina adds an international dimension which has already proved a great asset in understanding the needs and engaging with a number of patients from abroad.

Kahina is passionate about the arts in general (opera, painting, theatre…), being French she enjoys gastronomy and exploring new horizons - not necessarily in that particular order!"

Kahina joins a grow number of venous specialists at The Whiteley Clinic - for more information please see:


  1. A comment has been sent about this post - but anonymously!
    If the person who sent it wishes for the comment to be taken seriously, please supply your name and e-mail address for me to contact you .
    Mark Whiteley

  2. it is great things to know that your colleg friends have all this célibréty, and succes, i know batroune kahina verry well, but since 15 years we havent anny contact, i hope one things that she dont forget his original and culture, because, whene charcter is lost all things are lost
    best regards

  3. Thank you for your comment.
    Unfortunately Kahina left our clinic one year ago and hasn't been back in conact with us.
    She was an excellent doctor and we would love to have her back again.


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