Thursday, 17 November 2011

Excellent business performance in last year by The Whiteley Clinic

The latest analysis by Plimsoll (Fourth Edition Nov 2011) of UK Private Hospitals and Clinics has shown some excellent news for The Whiteley Clinic - including:

- The financial strength of The Whiteley Clinic is "well above the industry average"
- The Whiteley Clinic was ranked 15th fastest growing in the last year
- The Whiteley Clinic was in the first 25 companies that were listed as a "Best Trading Partner"
- The Whiteley Clinic a also in the top 30 of the "Fastest Growing Company" category

We believe that:
- striving for excellence in our patient care
- keeping at the forefront of research into the areas of venous disease and associated medical areas
- using all of our discoveries to benefit our patients
- sharing our knowledge and techniques with other doctors and nurses through our courses, books and articles

.. is the basis of our current position and should help us continue to grow and help even more people, both patients and professionals alike.

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