Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bad medical advice on Embarrassing Bodies

Screen shot of Embarrassing bodies, screened 9pm 26th March 2012.
Venous Eczema "treated" with steroid cream - but patient told it is due ot venous circulation and not offered a cure!!

On Embarrassing Bodies - screened last night at 9pm - a patient was seen by one of the GP's with venous eczema of his leg.

He was correctly told that he had venous eczema and that this was due to "poor circulation" of his venous system - a simplified explanation of Venous Reflux or "hidden varicose veins".

However, despite the correct diagnosis and also the correct understanding of the cause being the underlying veins, the GP then suggested a treatment to help the skin (steroid cream) ..... but did absolutely nothing to correct the underlying "poor venous circulation" (the Venous Reflux or "hidden varicose veins").

As such, this patient will get a temporary improvement of the eczema, which will all come back again, and nothing to help the Venous Reflux as his leg deteriorates towards a venous leg ulcer.

The correct treatment would have been to refer the patient for a specialised venous duplex ultrasound scan, to find out which veins are causing the problem, and then to treat them under local anaesthetic by the most appropriate technique using The Whiteley Protocol.    

This would have resulted in the venous eczema disappearing, the brown stains starting to fade, and the pateint's leg would be less swollen and would continue to deteriorate.

As it has been left, this poor man my have a temporary relief from his eczema, but his leg will continue to deteriorate, get more brown and swollen ans eventually ulcerate.

For more information see:

To understand Venous Reflux and how it causes venous eczema and leg ulcers see "Understanding Venous Reflux"


  1. Good-but can you help the patient-did you or can you intervene to help?

    1. Of course I can help - that is my speciality - I have contacted Embarrassing Bodies - but had no reply

  2. Just curious-about 'the poor man'-presume you can step in to offer the correct treatment?

    1. Yes I can - but despite my e-mailing the program, Embarrassing Bodies has not come back to me .

    2. Again good,that you have tried to contact rather than point out the problem without follow up.

    3. Follow up may take time but is definitely worthwhile..

    4. Very true - but it would have been so much better for both the patient and the viewing public if the correct treatment had been given in the first place.

      Embarrassing Bodies used to be more honest, with the GP presenters referring cases to specialists to cure. More and more the GP's have become the "stars" - but unfortunately no-one can be specialist in all areas.

      It would be a much stronger and more realistic program if the GP presenters saw the patients and then referred them to experts who could treat them properly and explain the problem to both patient and public - helping the patient to get the correct treatment and help anyone watching to know what treatment they should have if they have the same problem.

  3. Ah yes,so many people wanting to be 'stars'..where is the integrity these days i wonder..İ commend you for your incredible achievements Mark Whiteley.Hope to be visiting your clinic in the future for some thread vein work.

  4. I've heard about your successful treatments and accurate medical advice. That is why I have high regards for you Mr. Mark Whiteley. I hope to visit your clinic soon to work on my varicose veins.

    1. Thank you Daisy - I look forwards to meeting you and fixing your varicose veins.

      With good wishes



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