Tuesday, 3 April 2012

College of Phlebology launched

The College of Phlebology at

The College of Phlebology has now been launched.

This portal about veins and venous conditions allows the public to find specialists to treat anything from Thread Veins, through Varicose Veins to venous Leg Ulcers.

Specialists who join are either:
  • MCPhleb - which means they treat thread veins only
  • FCPhleb - which means they treat varicose veins and other venous conditions also
For the specialists who join, there are teaching videos, forums, news and "Ask an Expert" sections behind the password protected area.

The aim of The College of Phlebology is to raise the profile of vein problems and varicose vein and other vein treatments, to try to encourage health care specialists to specialise in veins themselves or to refer to appropriately trained people.

It also aims to support those healthcare professionals who want to become Phlebologists and have a major interest in treating veins.

Finally, the College of Phlebology aims to provide the public with information, so that they don't end up having out of date treatments that are less effective or have worse results.

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