Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Reducing costs of endovenous surgery

Maria Boland - Whiteley Clinic summer research fellow 2009 

This week, Maria Boland will be presenting her research about endovenous surgery at The Royal Society of Medicine in London, at the Venous Forum meeting.

Maria, a medical student and summer research fellow at The Whiteley Clinic in 2009, has assisted in a project analysing how endovenous surgery under local anaesthetic has changed in The Whiteley Clinic since 2005.

Her research has monitored how since endovenous surgery started being performed under local anaesthetic, the amount of work that can be done in local anaesthetic session has increased. This has been due to a combination of new procedures and improved techniques.

As one of the world's leading vein clinics, The Whiteley Clinic experience has shown that they can keep the same excellent high standards of treatment, with excellent patient satisfaction scores and yet have:
  • Reduced the number of endovenous devices used per patient
  • Increased the amount of work that can be done per local anaesthetic session
  • Decreased the number of sessions needed to treat patients
These changes have meant that The Whiteley Clinic is able to reduce the costs of endovenous surgery without any decrease at all on the quality of their work.

Maria's Poster will be on display at The Venous Forum this week at The Royal Society of Medicine and will be called:

"5 year audit of number of visits and endovenous devices required for walk-in walk-out endovenous surgery for varicose veins under local anaesthesia"

M.Z. Boland, B.A. Price, M.S. Whiteley

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