Thursday, 26 April 2012

Perfecting results of varicose vein surgery with RFiTT

George Badham - Whiteley Clinic Summer Research fellow in 2010
Results of RFiTT presented at The Venous Forum April 2012
The RFiTT procedure for treating varicose veins was introduced over 5 years ago as a new technique for "keyhole" varicose vein surgery.

The Whiteley Clinic initally would not use the device as the initial results were disappointing compared to the near perfect results that we expect by treating patients by The Whiteley Protocol(TM).

In Summer 2010, George Badham, a Whiteley Clinic summer research fellow and Cardiff Medical student, preformed a prize winning research study to show how the recommended treatment technique was sub-optimal and he showed how to modify this to optimise the procedure (The Whiteley Clinic Method).

George used a model to perform his research - but of course this doesn't necessarily mean that the optimised technique would work in patients.

Therefore George has analysed one year of patients treated with his optimsed technique - "The Whiteley Clinic Method" - and is presenting his research as a poster at The Venous Forum this week in the Royal Society of Medicine in London.

In this work, George Badham has shown that using his modification to the technique, we have managed to get 100% closure of the treated Great Saphenous Vein at one year - perfect results!

We would recommend that anyone using RFiTT in the treatment of Varicose Veins should use The Whiteley Clinic Method as described by George Badham, to ensure that they get optimal results for their patients.  

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