Monday, 30 April 2012

Early venous eczema from Varicose Veins

Many people are put off from have their varicose veins treated by doctors, nurses or even just "friends" who erroneously tell them that "Varicose Veins" are just cosmetic".
Varicose veins which have been left for years starting to damage the skin
as evidenced by the onset of Venous Eczema
Unfortunately for the patients who listen, varicose veins are usually the sign that the major truncal veins in the legs have lost their valves, and that the blood is falling back down the veins rather than being pumped up to the heart.

This falling blood (called "venous reflux") impacts on the skin capillaries, and over years causes damage and inflammation.

This patient had left her varicose veins for years, and over the last 12 months, started to notice her ankle was swelling by the end of the day.

Over the last 3 months, an itchy red patch has appeared just below the varicose veins - that she finds she scratches when asleep preventing it from healing.

This is early venous eczema - and the only cure for it is to have the varicose veins scanned and treated effectively - stopping the venous reflux and making the blood pump the right way up the leg veins.

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