Thursday, 14 June 2012

Venaseal "superglue" for Varicose Veins at The Whiteley Clinic

Mark Whiteley of The Whiteley Clinic performing a Sapheon Venaseal
"Superglue2 procedure of a varicose vein
This afternoon, Mark Whiteley of The Whiteley Clinic performed 2 procedures using the Venaseal "Superglue" for Varicose Veins made by Sapheon.

Both cases passed without hitch and both patients walked home within an hour of the procedure.

A scan performed straight after the minor operation showed the vein was closed right up to the top junction in the groin - precisely where the problem arises from.

Mark Whiteley of The Whiteley Clinic being filmed at The Clinical Exchange
for The College of Phlebology performing a Venaseal procedure
Both procedures were videoed in HD by the remote controlled cameras in our teaching facility - The Clinical Exchange.

These, with the superimposed duplex images, will form part of the Venaseal Teaching Video which will be featured on The College of Phlebology in the members area.

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