Friday, 8 June 2012

International Training Centre for EVLT

Next week in Barcelona, AngioDynamics is to announce that The Whiteley Clinic has been selected to be the international training centre for EVLT (EndoVenous Laser Therapy).

EVLT was the first endovenous laser system for the treatment of varicose veins and this is now owned by AngioDynamics.

AngioDynamics is fast becoming one of the most influential companies supplying equipment for varicose vein and other endovenous treatments. Their "NeverTouch" endovenous laser system, commonly called the "Gold Tip" laser or more correctly the VenaCure-EVLT, has been featured in the national news and has been increasing in popularity recently.

In addition, AngioDynamics also supplies a product for sclerotherapy and has other developments on the way to improve venous surgery and phlebology.

As part of their aim to improve the training of doctors performing endovenous laser treatment of veins, AngioDynamics are developing four training centres for EVLT in Europe - The Whiteley Clinic in the UK, and three other centres in the Netherlands, Germany and France.

The Whiteley Clinic has a very long history of training doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in endovenous techniques and the modern approach to venous surgery, having started running VNUS courses in 1999.

In 2009 The Whiteley Clinic developed a training arm, The Clinical Exchange (, to satisfy an increasing demand for training in different aspects of venous diagnosis and surgery including courses for:

microsclerotherapy and thread vein treatments
endovenous laser ablation
radiofrequency ablation of varicose veins
TRLOP closure of perforators
foam sclerotherapy
ambulatory phlebectomies

In addition The Clinical Exchange runs courses on laser sweat ablation and a pre medical taster course for students considering medical school.

The Clinical Exchange has a teaching room seating up to 48 people with live HD video links to the operating theatre and diagnostic duplex ultrasound room in The Whiteley Clinic. Delegates attending The Clinical Exchange can observe live cases and be in direct contact with the surgeon, vascular technologist and team throughout the procedures, enabling to ask questions as they occur.

With their reputation and history of excellent training in venous subjects, The Whiteley Clinic was selected by AngioDynamics as the lead centre of the four European training centres and is thus both the UK training centre and the International Training Centre for EVLT.

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