Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Vulval Varicose Veins on Embarrassing Bodies tonight

Mark Whiteley of The Whiteley Clinic has been asked to supply photos and facts about varicose veins of the Vulva for the TV Program "Embarrassing Bodies" to be screened tonight.

This very common, but much under recognised, problem has been treated successfully by The Whiteley Clinic since 2000. We have treated more patients with this condition than any other clinic in the world, and the veins are classified by The Whiteley Clinic Vulval Varicose Vein grading system:

Frequency seen at present
Grade 0
Normal – no varicosities nor venous reflux in vulva
Grade 1
No visible varicosities in vulva, but ultrasound proven reflux in vulval veins usually with para-vulval varicose veins seen on inner thigh
Common – 1 in 7 females presenting with leg varicose veins (1 in 5 of those post vaginal delivery)
Grade 2
Visible varicosities seen through mucosa of inner labia and lower vagina and ultrasound proven reflux in vulval veins.
Grade 3
Isolated varicosities seen on standing through skin of outer labia majora without a distortion of the general anatomy of the area
Very uncommon
Grade 4
Extensive varicosities of the labia, distorting skin and distorting the gross anatomy of the area on standing


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