Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Pelvic cause of varicose veins - a problem often missed

Para-vulval veins - a sign of pelvic venous reflux. All of this lady's varicose veins came form her pelvis.
Traditional varicose veins surgery of the leg veins would not cure her.
This 38 year old lady, who has had 2 children, found her varicose veins on both side were getting worse.

A previous treatment of foam sclerotherapy to leg veins had not improved them - and in fact they had continued to deteriorate.

On examination, she had these large varicose veins at the top to the leg, on the inside of the thigh.

These veins are called para-vulval veins, as they emerge onto the leg next to the vulva. There is also a varicose vein coming onto the leg from the anal area.

This is a classic presentation of Pelvic Vein Reflux -

When this lady had her duplex ultrasound scan by the specialist vascular technologists at The Whiteley Clinic, it was found that her Great Saphenous Veins and Small Saphenous Veins on each side were perfectly normal.

If this patient had gone to a normal "vein specialist" it is likely she would have been offered stripping, endovenous laser or radiofrequency ablation - all of which would fail in her case.

What she needs is pelvic veins embolisation and then the legs can be treated successfully after the pelvic problem has been fixed.

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