Wednesday, 9 May 2012

College of Phlebology -

The College of Phlebology - The Internet resource for excellence in Veins
The Whiteley Clinic is proud to be Gold Members of The College of Phlebology.

The College of Phlebology is an internet based college, that has something for everyone.

For patients / the public, the College of Phlebology website provides:
  • information about veins and vein conditions
  • the latest vein treatments
  • a search facility to find your local vein expert
For doctors and nurses who treat veins - from thread veins, to varicose veins and leg ulcers:
  • training videos
  • news items about vein treatments
  • forums to "ask an expert"
  • use of MCPhleb if you treat thread veins
  • use of FCPhleb if you operate on varicose veins and leg ulcers
Launched only a month ago, The College of Phlebology is rapidly growing as a resource for information and education for those interested in veins and vein conditions.

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