Monday, 14 May 2012

Ask an Expert on The College of Phlebology

Since the launch of The College of Phlebology ( last month, the "Ask and Expert" section has yielded some of the most useful tips for those people treating veins:

Examples of recently asked and answered questions by Members are:

Q - How far down the calf are you comfortable using laser for gsv or ssv, with regard to nerve damage risk?

Q - Is there any rationale for superiority of applying tumescent from proximal to distal rather than starting at the level of the sheath?

Q - I take it that you still aim for LEED of 60-90 j/cm even with 1470nm laser + radial fiber, and 10W, rather than 5-6W and 30-50 j/cm?

Q - for superficial truncal veins and accessory truncal veins, what depth from skin is your cutoff for avoiding laser for fear of producing a hard pigmented cord?

These questions and more are answered - and any member can pose any questions on vein treatments to the experts on the Advisory Board.

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