Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Whiteley Clinic Prestige Stakes 2012 at Goodwood

This year's Whiteley Clinic Prestige Stakes, held at Goodwood on Saturday 25th of August, was a fabulous affair - despite the cloudy weather. Immaculately organised by Graham Smith of RT-Design, the day was a great success and was enjoyed by all:

Flying over Bognor with Phoenix Helicopters, Goodwood
on way to Whiteley Clinic Prestige Stakes
The day started off with a flight into Goodwood with Capt. Paul Andrews of the Phoenix Helicopter Academy, based at Goodwood but covering the whole of southern England.

Arundel Castle from the air - with Phoenix Helicopters, Goodwood
Having flown over 45 hours now, I flew most of the way - but due to the gusts, Paul performed the landing at Goodwood racecourse.
Alice and Emily Whiteley - daughters and guests for the flight :-)
Landing at the Racecourse, Goodwood had a car waiting to take us to The Richmond enclosure to join our guests in The Whiteley Clinic box:

Pre-lunch drinks at The Whiteley Clinic Box before The Whiteley Clinic Prestige Stakes 2012
Sitting down to eat at The Whiteley Clinic Prestige Stakes 2012
Lunch at Whiteley Clinic box at The Whiteley Clinic Stakes, Goodwood 2012
Before the race, 6 of us were invited to go to the parade / winners circle to choose the best turned out horse of the race:

Choosing the best turned out horse in the parade / winners circle
The best turned out horse was Sky Lantern and the prize was given for the stable boy before the race began.
Champagne and Trophy ready for presentation on Channel 4
We then went to watch the race from the top of the Grandstand giving fabulous views of the race:

Large screen at the track showing the start of The Whiteley Clinic Prestige Stakes 2012
The winner of The Whiteley Clinic Prestige Stakes 2012 crosses the finish line

Result of the race is confirmed
We look forwards to sponsoring The Whiteley Clinic Stakes next year at Goodwood - which will be our 5th year in a row.

For more information about organising such events speak to Graham at RT-Design and for helicopter charter, flights of lessons, Paul at Phoenix Helicopters.

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