Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Whiteley Clinic Summer Research Fellows 2012

The Whiteley Clinic Summer Research Fellows 2012
Alice Whiteley, Charlotte Thomas, Daniel Taylor

The 2012 Whiteley Clinic Summer Research Fellows are now in post and coming to the end of their research.

Alice Whiteley, Charlotte Thomas and Daniel Taylor (all pictured above) are performing research studies and audits into varicose vein treatments.

Their research includes projects on:
  • The causes of recurrent varicose veins from other vein clinics and practices
  • The evolution of endovenous surgery and minimally invasive vein techniques
  • The long term results of thermoablation of the Great Saphenous vein
All of these projects will be presented and submitted for publication to try to help the world of Phlebology (or Vein Treatments) to move forwards a bit further.   

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