Tuesday, 11 December 2012

CocaCola and Garlic for varicose veins! - Rubbish on the Internet

The internet has been liberating for many - Indeed it has helped The Whiteley Clinic get the results of their research and new techniques to treat varicose veins into the public arena for the good of patients.
Therefore it is always upsetting when rubbish appears - and particularly when the author of the nonsense doesn't allow any comments on the video! 

This video, made by in Spanish, extols the virtues of CocaCola and Garlic to get rid of varicose veins.
When first viewed, Mark Whiteley and the venous specialists at The Whiteley Clinic thought it was a joke and were waiting for the punchline ......
Unfortunately it does appear to be serious.
Hopefully most people viewing this video will see it for the rubbish it is and hopefully no-one will come to harm by thinking it has any scientific basis. 

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