Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Leg Ulcer cured at The Whiteley Clinic

Leg ulcers can often be cured using local anaesthetic surgery, following The Whiteley Protocol (TM).

These photos show a patient with a left leg ulcer (above) who underwent local anaesthetic vein surgery by Mr Barrie Price at The Whiteley Clinic in October 2012.
Using EVLA (Endolvenous laser ablation) and TRLOP (TRansLuminal Occlusion of Perforators) the patient had complete cure today - just under 3 months later.

Unlike compression treatment with banadages or stockings, the ulcer will stay healed and did not need any bandages or compression during the healing process.

For more information see:

for our results see: Healing rates following venous surgery for chronic venous leg ulcers in an independent specialist vein unit. Thomas CA, Holdstock JM, Harrison CC, Price BA, Whiteley MS.Phlebology. 2012 Jul 25. [Epub ahead of print]

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