Saturday, 18 May 2013

Healed leg ulcers - "gave me back my life"

A lovely lady suffering with leg ulcers came to The Whiteley Clinic 2 years ago having been told that her leg ulcers were incurable.

This week she sent us the following pictures and comments:

"Two years ago I was in dreadful pain with ulcers on both my legs which required daily visits from the district nurse to change the dressings. Although my mobility was already restricted by hip pain, the ulcers,bandages and oversize sandals made movement painful and virtually impossible.

At the age of 86yrs I had no quality of life and little hope.

Thanks to my nephew and his wife finding and taking me to the Whiteley Clinic for treatment I can only say that Mark Whiteley and his wonderful friendly staff have performed a miracle. My ulcers, thought by my local doctor to be uncurable, have disappeared and I am again wearing stockings instead of bandages and wearing my normal shoes.

Thanks to Whiteley Clinic I have just travelled to South Africa to see my niece and to celebrate my 87th birthday, a trip I never dreamt to be possible. I was even able to celebrate my birthday with my first swim for many many years.

Thank you Mark, Dee, June and al at the Clinic. You have given me my life back!"

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