Thursday, 2 May 2013

Vogue - Mark Whiteley in Vogue Varicose Veins feature

In the June edition of Vogue, the lovely Jo Ellison has produced a fabulously written article about her experiences getting her recurrent varicose veins treated by Mark Whiteley of The Whiteley Clinic.

"Mark Whiteley of The Whiteley Clinic whose name is synonymous with
medical excellence in vascular surgery" - Vogue, June 2013

In a two-page article entitled "Leg work", Jo explains how her veins had recurred after previous vein stripping surgery. She notes how Mark Whiteley assessed her recurrent varicose veins and then treated her with combinations of endovenous laser, phlebectomy and finally foam sclerotherapy.

She explains how the new key-hole endovenous "walk in, walk out" vein surgery that is performed under local anaesthetic, allowed her to get back to work immediately after treatment.

She also details how the compression for 2 weeks after the foam sclerotherapy was not fun - but how after all of her treatment, she is now happy to show her legs in fashionable skirts again.
With time, further microsclerotherapy and continuing exert care, her results will continue to improve and her confidence in her legs will grow.

As with our recent patient who was featured being treated for recurrent varicose veins at The Whiteley Clinic on Embarrassing Bodies, excellent results after our treatments are much quicker in simple first time veins in patients who come early.

The Whiteley Clinic specialises in patients with complex varicose veins, particularly those who have had "treatment " elsewhere and who have had recurrent varicose veins, We usually end up with excellent results and very happy patients - but the more complex the problem or the longer it has been left, the longer it will be and the more work is needed to get our usual excellent finished results.  

Compare the patient satisfaction at The Whiteley Clinic over the years with any other vein clinic:

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