Thursday, 18 July 2013

A new way to apply for a job - Win a business apprenticeship

Today sees the launch of our new way of recruiting entrepreneurial staff.

Traditionally, jobs are advertised with a job description and pay scale - but we thought wouldn't it be nice if you could choose your own?

The College of Phlebology is an Internet based company that has both B2B and B2C interest. There are opportunities for advertising for equipment or service providing companies, teaching, training, running courses or conferences to doctors and nurses interested in venous disease as well as providing information and products for the public looking for veins services.

Already in English and Spanish, and trademarked in many countries around the world, the College of Phlebology has a huge potential under the guidance of the right individual.

However, the right individual should have their own plans to grow the business and see it flourish as well as knowing how they are going to achieve them. Hence rather than advertise a job, we are advertising an opportunity.

In a break from the traditional way of recruiting staff, the application form is a list of assets available to the successful candidate.

Your application will be your business plan showing how you will grow and develop the College of Phlebology over the next three years using these assets, and showing the returns you will be able to make.

Included in your business plan will be your own salary and/or other incentives such as profit share etc to show you link the growth of the company with your own development.

However, rather than just an application, the successful candidate will then be expected to live their own business plan.

Failure to be able to deliver the business plan will result in termination of the opportunity. However successful delivery of the business plan or over delivery from the promised plan over three years will result in permanent appointment to being CEO of the company.

In this unique experiment of trying to find a business person who can "think outside the box" and deliver on their plans, we hope that we have developed a new way to appoint people to jobs that need entrepreneurial flair and individual styles.

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