Saturday, 20 July 2013

Patient on Embarrassing Bodies with varicose veins gets wrong treatment

A patient on Embarrassing Bodies saw Dr Dawn who quite correctly advised referral for treatment of her symptomatic varicose veins.

Unfortunately, although the video clearly shows she has varicose veins coming from next to her vulva on the inside of her upper thigh, her vascular surgeon has missed these veins and missed the significance - that she almost definitely has pelvic varicose veins causing her leg varicose veins (see similar cases in this blog and on

Research from The Whiteley Clinic has shown that this means she will probably need her varicose veins to be treated all over again in the future.
Had she had a proper transvaginal duplex ultrasound scan, and coil embolization of her varicose veins, the pelvic veins would have been treated first, leaving the leg varicose veins able to be treated without the underlying cause being left behind.

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