Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Teaching the next generation of Medics - Pre-Medicine Taster Course

Getting into Medical School can be hard ... and many people who go for it don't even know if they really want to be doctors.

The Pre-Med Taster Course run by The Clinical Exchange has 2 aims:

Prof Mark Whiteley, Mr Barrie Price, MIss Sovra Whitcroft and Dr Tony Lopez
are amongst the specialists teaching on the Pre-Med Taster course

  1. To help those who think they might be interested in a career in Medicine to decide whether it is the right career for them
  2. To help those who want to get into medical school to get their application as good as possible.
The course has lectures and practical skills to enable delegates to get a feel for medicine and to give them something to talk and write about. Mock medical school interviews in the final week help those who want to apply to medical school to get ready for their interview.

For the very keen, additional opportunities for school or university projects or even original research projects through Professor Mark Whiteley are available as a follow-on from the course.

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